RFID and other AutoID Technologies in Concert – a Global Perspective

Conference: RFID SysTech 2008 - 4th European Workshop on RFID Systems and Technologies
06/10/2008 - 06/11/2008 at Freiburg, Germany

Proceedings: RFID SysTech 2008

Pages: 2Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Hansen, Wolf-Ruediger (AIM-Deutschland e.V, Richard-Weber-Str. 29, 68623 Lampertheim, Germany)

The RFID hype is over. That allows us to take a more realistic view on this technology as opposed to the protagonists of the upcoming ubiquitous Internet of Things, which goes back to the ideas of the experts at the MIT during the first three years of this century. I also suspect the experts from EPC Global having underestimated the power of physical laws which determine the functionality of RFID systems. Or how can it be explained that today we are farer away from the time, where a majority of items in the consumer goods sector will be equipped with RFID tags? It was an overestimation.