A Solution to Meet New Challenges on EBDW Data Prep

Conference: EMLC 2009 - 25th European Mask and Lithography Conference
01/12/2009 - 01/15/2009 at Dresden, Germany

Proceedings: EMLC 2009

Pages: 13Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Galler, R.; Melzer, D.; Nowotny, J.; Kroenert, K.; Krueger, M.; Suelzle, M.; Papenfuss, B.; Wagner, C. (EQUIcon Software GmbH Jena / Germany)
Baetz, U.; Buerger, B. (Fraunhofer IPMS Dresden / Germany)
Gramss, J.; Lemke, M. (Vistec Electron Beam GmbH Jena / Germany)

As chip design becomes more and more complex and alternative lithography technologies like EBDW get broader usage, the challenges increase with respect to all parts of the entire process. For exposure data preparation, we want to introduce a novel solution that offers new approaches to a user-friendly GUI, to exposure simulation, project definition and control, combined with proven kernels for data post-processing, fracturing and Proximity Effect Correction. This new solution has been implemented to run in an efficient 64 bit parallel computing environment and is called ePlace (eBeam Direct Write and Mask Data Preparation Layout Console). ePlace has the ability to process layout data of (in principle) unlimited size, given in various formats (GDSII, OASIS, DXF, CIF and others) and distributed over multiple files and hierarchies. Data post-processing capabilities include common Boolean functions (AND, OR, XOR, and Negation) as well as sizing, scaling, translation, rotation and overlap removal. Processed data can be fractured and formatted for e-beam writers (e.g. Vistec Shaped Beam (SB) tools). For Proximity Effect Correction both dose variations and newly developed geometry correction (EPC) algorithms are available and a simulation engine provides fast and precise results for exposure pattern predictions. In addition to the standard shape exposure, ePlace supports the latest Cell Projection (CP) feature of current Vistec's SB series as well as the upcoming Vistec Multi-Beam-Tool.