Improving the Characteristics of Lithium-ion Cells by Applying a Heat-resistant Separator and Heat Conductor

Conference: telescon(R) 2009 - Power Supply Quality and Efficiency - 4th International Telecommunication - Energy special conference
05/10/2009 - 05/13/2009 at Vienna, Austria

Proceedings: telescon(R) 2009 - Power Supply Quality and Efficiency

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Matsushima, Toshio; Tsujikawa, Tomonobu (NTT Facilities Inc. R&D Headquarters, 2-13-1, Kitaotsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0004 Japan)

In recent years, industrial lithium-ion cells have been developed that are capable of being used as backup power supplies in systems such as communication equipment, and are expected to contribute to reducing the size of backup storage batteries in many applications. For these applications, backup storage batteries must have a long lifetime and must remain safe even in unforeseen circumstances. To make lithium-ion cells safer to use, we have develop a lithium-ion cell separator with a higher breakdown temperature, and we verify the effects of this improvement. We also propose incorporating a heat conductor into the interior of the cell, and we verify its effects on the overcharging characteristics of lithium-ion cells with a nominal capacity of 40 Ah. Our results demonstrate that improving the separator breakdown temperature and installing a heat conductor can effectively improve the cell safety without any significant detriment to the cell characteristics.