On Chip Micro Power Generator for Smart Pavement Material (SPM)

Conference: telescon(R) 2009 - Power Supply Quality and Efficiency - 4th International Telecommunication - Energy special conference
05/10/2009 - 05/13/2009 at Vienna, Austria

Proceedings: telescon(R) 2009 - Power Supply Quality and Efficiency

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Homami, Hassan R.; Moglia, George (Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA)
Crouse, David (City University of New York, USA)
Moini, Nadereh (Center of Advanced Transportation Infrastructure, Rutgers University, USA)

Research and development of the electronic technologies rapidly enhanced the application of electronics on the industry. By achieving the nano-technologies and passing the boundary of micro scale in the semiconductor devices, it has been feasible to design and product the intelligent circuit on a micro size packaging and as an embedded materials. We can classified this intelligent device or materials as a branch of Sensor Network, which focuses on Stand Alone System on Chip SOC. A Stand-Alone SOC is a complete operational system for the specific application function and in a small. As an example of the application is Intelligent Transportation systems such as Advanced Pavement Management System. A Stand- Alone SOC is depended to two technical design issues, Energy and Wireless Communication. An optimum communication design will bring high capacity, secure and manageable transmission capability for system. In other hands, a collection of multiple circuit modules on a chip required a source of the energy with a long lifetime as the lifetime of the chip. Thus, the energy issue is the key factor for a Stand-alone SOC. In this study, we are conducting the research work in the Energy harvesting methodologies and design the applicable approach for deploying a prototype of a Micro Power Self Generator. This study has focusing on the energy generation, storage and management issue for a Stand-Alone SOC application. This paper includes the research study results and conceptual planning of the SPM micro power generator project.