3D Printed Automotive Electronics with the Aerosol Jet process

Conference: AmE 2010 - Automotive meets Electronics - GMM-Fachtagung
04/15/2010 - 04/16/2010 at Dortmund, Germany

Proceedings: AmE 2010 - Automotive meets Electronics

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Hedges, Martin (Neotech Services MTP, Nürnberg, Germany)

The Aerosol Jet process is an enabling technology for creating fully printed electronic features and even complete devices on 3D automotive structures. Using this process it is possible to integrate circuits (3D MIDs), sensor networks or package SMDs on structural components from the micro scale through to large parts. The process works by jetting finely focussed aerosols, which contain functional materials, on to planar or 3D surfaces. In this way the fundamental building blocks of electronic systems (conductors, semiconductors, resistors and capacitors) of can be printed directly from CAD data. The technology works by using aerodynamic focusing of aerosols to deposit very fine patterns on planar and also 3D surfaces.