Metro Field Trial of 100 Gb/s Channel Transmission over Mixed-Fiber with Real-Time Data Processing

Conference: Photonische Netze - 12. ITG-Fachtagung
05/02/2011 - 05/03/2011 at Leipzig, Germany

Proceedings: Photonische Netze

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Teipen, Brian T.; Lawin, Mirko; Eiselt, Michael (ADVA AG Optical Networking, Märzenquelle 1-3, 98617 Meiningen, Germany)
Ehrhardt, Armin (Deutsche Telekom Netzproduktion GmbH, Goslarer Ufer 35, 10589 Berlin, Germany)
Braun, Ralph-Peter (Deutsche Telekom AG Laboratories, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin, Germany)
Fritzsche, Daniel (EICT GmbH, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin, Germany)
Rosenfeldt, Harald (Agilent Technologies, Harburger Schlossstr. 6-12, 21079 Hamburg, Germany)
Grupp, Wolfgang (JDSU Deutschland GmbH, Muehleweg 5, 72800 Eningen u. A., Germany)

We present results from a transmission field trial for a cost-efficient 107 Gb/s channel using real-time data processing. The channel bit error ratio (BER) was sufficient for error-free performance after FEC for a 150 km mixed SSMF and DSF metro route in the Berlin area as part of the OCTET test bed. The DPSK-3ASK modulation format used in the trial was investigated as a lower-cost, metro-focused alternative to the DP-QPSK format, and was assembled using commercially available serializer and deserializer ICs and FPGA. Transmission results as well as latency measurements over a pair of 10GbE tributaries are described. Additionally, post-trial laboratory results for transmission distances up to 430 km with standard single-mode fiber are presented.