Haze used as wafer, die and intra-die indirect characterization technique for advanced CMP processes on patterned wafers

Conference: ICPT 2012 - International Conference on Planarization / CMP Technology
10/15/2012 - 10/17/2012 at Grenoble, France

Proceedings: ICPT 2012

Pages: 6Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Dettoni, F.; Morand, Y.; Gaillard, S.; Hinsinger, O.; Rivoire, M. (STMicroelectronics, 850 rue Jean Monnet, 38926 Crolles, France)
Beitia, C.; Euvrard, C.; Bertin, F. (CEA-Leti-MINATEC, 17, rue des Martyrs, 38054 Grenoble Cedex 9, France)

This paper evaluates the haze measurement capabilities as an indirect process control technique for advanced CMP processes on patterned wafers. Interests and limitations of the technique are detailed and discussed. This work leans on previous results about Poly Open CMP and extends to other polishing step, the STI one. The proposed methodology for analysis of the signal is more deeply explained and discussed. Finally it introduces die and intra die level haze signal analysis. First results concerning these scales and comparisons with other Test-Box (local and wafer level) and dedicated scatterometry area (wafer level and intra-die) measurements are presented. Keywords: Chemical Mechanical Planarization, Haze, Characterization, Die-level, Wafer-level, Gate-last, Shallow Trench Isolation