Power Supply with Integrated PassivEs - The EU FP7 PowerSwipe Project

Conference: CIPS 2014 - 8th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems
02/25/2014 - 02/27/2014 at Nuremberg, Germany

Proceedings: ETG-Fb. 141: CIPS 2014

Pages: 7Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Mathuna, Cian O.; Wang, Ningning; Kulkarni, Santosh; Anthony, Ricky; Cordero, Nicolas (Microsystems Center, Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland)
Oliver, Jesus; Alou, Pedro; Svikovic, Vladimir; Cobos, Jose Antonio; Cortes, Jorge (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Centro de Electronica Industrial, Madrid, Spain)
Neveu, Florian; Martin, Christian; Allard, Bruno (Ampere Lab-UMR CNRS, Lyon, France)
Voiron, Frederic (IPDIA, Caen, France)
Knott, Bernhard (Infineon Technologies, Regensburg, Germany)
Sandner, Christoph; Maderbacher, Gerhard; Pichler, Joachim; Agostinelli, Matteo; Anca, Anamaria (Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Villach, Austria)
Breig, Markus (Bosch Technologies, Stuttgart, Germany)
Mathuna, Cian O.; Anthony, Ricky (Department of Electrical Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland)

Combining high efficiency with cost-effective but high level of integration is a major driver in power electronics today. The EU FP7 PowerSwipe consortium proposes to develop next generation Power Supply in Package (PwrSiP) and Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC) technology platforms through innovations in integrated power passives, nanoCMOS technologies and advanced packaging. This work focusses on the development of a full supply-chain for integrated power management technology including the first integrated system-level design tool for System on Chip (SoC) applications; high-volume MEMS manufacturing processes for monolithic power passives and 3D, embedded, wafer-level packaging technology to achieve a highly integrated SoC solution for automotive applications.