New concept of safety to realize improvement of higher productivity and safety in an environment of human-robot collaboration, and proposal of the concept of Collaboration Safety Level

Conference: ISR 2018 - 50th International Symposium on Robotics
06/20/2018 - 06/21/2016 at München, Germany

Proceedings: ISR 2018

Pages: 6Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Maeda, Ikuo; Nobuhiro, Masaki; Shimizu, Takayoshi; Okada, Kazuya; Dohi, Masao (International Standardization and Safety 2.0, R&D Strategy HQ, IDEC Corporation, Osaka, Japan)
Fujitani, Shigetoshi; Inada, Koji (Technical Strategy and Intellectual Property Promotion, R&D Strategy HQ, IDEC Corporation, Osaka, Japan)
Fujita, Toshihiro (Senior Executive Officer, R&D Strategy HQ Division General Manager of IDEC Corporation, C.T.O. of IDEC Group, Osaka, Japan)

Now, various things are "connected", the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" realizing optimization and efficiency improvement is progressing. Under such circumstances, in order to respond timely to the demands of diversifying customers at the manufacturing site, it is necessary to build a next generation production system that realizes flexible and high productivity represented by human-robot collaboration is required. In such a next-generation production system, it became difficult to realize just by considering safety based on the conventional "isolation and stop". For that reason, it is urgent to establish a new way of thinking for safety that meets next-generation manufacturing sites and to ensure safety. This paper introduces the safety concept to be changed along with the evolution of manufacturing sites, and proposes a new safety concept, which realizes collaboration safety of humans and robots, and an outline of its safety level.