Thick film paste systems for multifunctional copper power modules

Conference: CIPS 2020 - 11th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems
03/24/2020 - 03/26/2020 at Berlin, Deutschland

Proceedings: ETG-Fb. 161: CIPS 2020

Pages: 7Language: englishTyp: PDF

Reinhardt, Kathrin; Körner, Stefan; Partsch, Uwe (Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS, Winterbergstraße 28, 01277 Dresden, Germany)

The aim of the present work was the development of paste systems for use in the high temperature and low temperature range, which can be used for the construction of copper-based power electronic components. In doing so, a feasibility was to be elaborated which shows the combination and functionality of all paste systems, so that in future individual power modules can be set up. For this purpose, the following single-paste systems were developed or further developed: copper thick film pastes, glass insulations, silver polymer pastes and Al2O3 polymer insulation. To verify the compatibility of the individual developed paste systems, a printed multi-layer module was set up and the layers tested for functionality. It could be shown that the developed paste systems can be combined with each other and can be sintered or hardened under nitrogen atmosphere without suffering a loss of function. Accordingly, it is possible in the future to build application-related power modules with the previously developed paste systems.