Optimisation and Proof of Concept Studies for the M-Shunt Structure applied to Printed Circuit Boards

Conference: CIPS 2020 - 11th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems
03/24/2020 - 03/26/2020 at Berlin, Deutschland

Proceedings: ETG-Fb. 161: CIPS 2020

Pages: 6Language: englishTyp: PDF

Lutzen, Hauke; Silber, Dieter; Kaminski, Nando (IALB, University of Bremen, Germany)
Mitsui, Koji; Wada, Keiji (PEL, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

It is challenging to perform high fidelity current measurements without introduced parasitics into the circuit. The M-shunt concept is coming one step closer to an ideal solution, combining low inductance introduced into the load circuit, good signal fidelity, the possibility of easy cooling and simple manufacturing. To investigate the options to eliminate high frequency effects the main idea of applying the M-shunt structure to Printed Circuit Boards was simulated and optimised. Finally, the shunts were manufactured and characterised to confirm the results and give a view on further improvements, while testing the behaviour and the influence of connectors in measurement applications.