Conceptualization of User-Centric Personalization Management in Ubiquituous Service Provisioning

Conference: EURESCOM Summit 2005 - Ubiquitous Services and Applications - Exploiting the Potential
04/27/2005 - 04/29/2005 at Heidelberg, Germany

Proceedings: EURESCOM Summit 2005 - Ubiquitous Services and Applications

Pages: 7Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Heikkinen, Kari; Porras, Jari (Lappeenranta, University of Technology, Laboratory of Communications)

In this abstract an approach that applies our user-centric personalization management framework in the management of ubiquituous service provisioning and application handling. The approach uses personal information as the basis of operation. The personal information is exchanged between the peer entities of the surrounding service environment and the end-user personal trusted device. The conceptualization focuses on the management framework that consists of four integral parts; namely the management application (MA), personalization attribute layer (PAL) model, personalization information management system (PIMS) and the various management processes (communication). The approach has used multidisciplinary research methodology to conceptualize the personalization management so that the most visible part of the management framework, namely the management application (user interface) is built on studying both the user demand and user requirements in building personalized ubiquituous service provisioning.