Ubiquity and Other Elements: User Challenges, the Value Chain and Business Opportunities in the Future Ambient Intelligence World

Conference: EURESCOM Summit 2005 - Ubiquitous Services and Applications - Exploiting the Potential
04/27/2005 - 04/29/2005 at Heidelberg, Germany

Proceedings: EURESCOM Summit 2005 - Ubiquitous Services and Applications

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Ellis, Rebecca; Potter, Morgan (University of Essex and BT, UK)

The objective of the Eurescom project PROFIT (Potential pRofit Opportunities in the Future ambient InTelligence world) was to explore the potential socio-economic impact of Ambient Intelligence. This paper reports firstly on qualitative fieldwork in the UK, Norway, Finland and Hungary, concerning work/ home boundaries and user perceptions of a future Ambient Intelligence environment. Findings reveal concerns about non-independence, loss of control, security, privacy, and system failures, and the unwanted breaking of boundaries by ubiquitous devices. Secondly, the paper reflects on the new business perspectives that may arise both in response to customer needs and as a result of the introduction of AmI into the Information society; and examines emerging business models, value chains and key regulatory concerns. The project ultimately produced a new, grounded scenario and recommended actions for the telecommunications industry, regulators and governments - in order for them to develop the opportunities and understand the challenges of AmI.