Power and Conditioning Telemanagement Integrated System

Conference: Intelec '05 - Telecommunications Conference - 27th International Telecommunication Energy Conference
09/18/2005 - 09/22/2005 at Berlin, Germany

Proceedings: Intelec '05 - Telecommunications Conference

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Pizzuti, Fabio (Network - Operational Support System, TIM Italia S.p.A., Italy)
Antonetti, Mauro (PU.AS.AE, Telecom Italia S.p.A., Italy)
Grossoni, Maurizio (W.RT.NO.ES, Telecom Italia S.p.A., Italy)

TIM is the most international Company of the Telecom Italia Group and is the first mobile telecommunication operator in Europe for number of subscribers and leader in the domestic market. TIM has in the innovation its strength point. In a market characterized by a competitive context and by a fast technological evolution, the attention of the management is concentrated in the development of the innovation also within the infrastructures of powering and conditioning dedicated to the Base Transceiver System. Goal of the plan is to implement a system of monitoring and management of powering and conditioning systems within a remote mobile telecommunication site. System will carry out the complete management of a number of local measurement disposals, acquisition, management and transmission (via IP and/or GSM-GPRS-Edge), the acquisition of the data from the local devices via telemetering to a center of data-acquisition, the recording and the control of integrity of the data and, finally, the elaboration of the data itself. The Power and Conditioning Telemanagement Integrated System has been developed according to ETSI Standard (ES) (produced by ETSI Technical Committee Environmental Engineering - EE) and ITU T studies and standards and will be implemented on a number of "remote" BTS and, therefore, more difficult to reach. The system architecture will be composed by the local units (site controller) within the BTS, dedicated to data acquisition and measurement, the acquisition system that manages and transfers the data to the server and the server with the "supervision and control system". Actually the operating costs of the equipment of powering and conditioning of a Base Transceiver System cannot accurately be estimated. The present document applies to monitoring of power and cooling systems for telecommunication installations and equipment and describes the control, supervision and alarm interface of the equipment. The present document also helps to identify the type and minimum set of information required for monitoring and management for power and cooling system equipment.