The Spinning Transverse Voltage Method for the Extraction of Compensated sxx - syy and sxy Stresses from a Single Four-Contact Sensor

Conference: Mikrosystemtechnik Kongress 2005 - Mikrosystemtechnik Kongress 2005
10/10/2005 - 10/12/2005 at Munich, Germany

Proceedings: Mikrosystemtechnik Kongress 2005

Pages: 4Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Bartholomeyczik, J.; Kibbel, S.; Ruther, P.; Paul, O. (IMTEK – Microsystem Materials Laboratory, University of Freiburg, 79110 Freiburg, Germany)

This paper describes a method to extract two components of the stress tensor from the response of piezoresistive devices with only four contacts. Like in spinning-current Hall sensors, the device is subjected to a current with continuously rotating effective direction. Simultaneously, the potential drops across two orthogonal pairs of opposite contacts are measured as a function of the current direction. From these angle-dependent output signals, thermoelectric and magnetic influences are eliminated by a Fourier transform while the two mechanical stresses (sigmaxx - sigmayy) and sigmaxy are straightforwardly extracted.