Fixed Point Approximations for TCP Behavior in Networks of Routers Implementing Heterogeneous Queue Management Policies

Conference: MMB 2006 - 13th GI/ITG Conference Measuring, Modelling and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems
03/27/2006 - 03/29/2006 at Nürnberg, Germany

Proceedings: MMB 2006

Pages: 14Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Gaeta, R.; Gribaudo, M.; Manini, D.; Sereno, M. (Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino, Corso Svizzera, 185, 10149 Torino, Italia)

In this paper we use fixed point methods to model the behavior of a population of TCP flows traversing a network of routers implementing either Drop Tail or the RED queue management policies. We formulate a non-linear problem with the router average queue lengths as unknowns. Once the average queue lengths are obtained, other metrics such as router loss probability, TCP flow throughput, TCP flow end-to-end loss rates, and average round trip time can be easily obtained. Comparison with simulation for a variety of scenarios shows that the model is quite accurate in its predictions.