Spatial Optimisation: How Subscribers Can Help You Optimize Your CDMA Network

Conference: networks 2006 - 12th International Telecommunications Network Strategy and Planning - Symposium
11/06/2006 - 11/09/2006 at New Delhi, India

Proceedings: networks 2006

Pages: 11Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Efthymiou, Michael; Flanagan, Michael (Lucent Technologies)
Mackay, Andrew; Dow, Aaron (Lucent Worldwide Services)

With increased competition in the Wireless markets, customers are demanding increased quality of service at competitive prices. Wireless service providers need to find ways to be smarter at managing their increasing complex networks to deliver convergent services while being more responsive to customer demands and more targeted with capital investment. Recent development in Per Call Measurement Data (PCMD) provided by network equipment providers and geo-location analysis in CDMA networks offers a path from network-centric to customer-centric network management. For the first time an unobtrusive view of customer behavior and end-user performance is available giving network operators a new tool: Spatial Performance Visualization (SPV). Better knowledge of end-user experience allows more proactive customer performance management, targeted performance optimization and focused network investments. Through a number of case studies, this paper will outline a CDMA operators experiences and the significant operational efficiencies and capital savings that resulted from employing SPV practices.