A Smartsystem based on a Lab on a Card for detection of Salmonella spp. In faeces

Conference: Smart Systems Integration 2008 - 2nd European Conference & Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems - MOMS, MOEMS, ICS and Electronic Components
04/09/2008 - 04/10/2008 at Barcelona, Spain

Proceedings: Smart Systems Integration 2008

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Agirregabiria, M.; Tijero, M.; Berganzo, J.; Fernandez, L. J.; Mayora, K.; Ruano-López, J. M. (MEMS/MST Dept., Ikerlan S. Coop, Mondragón, SPAIN)
Olabarria, G.; Verdoy, L. (Gaiker-IK4, Centro Tecnológico, Ed. 202, 48170 Zamudio, SPAIN)

This work describes a SU-8 microdevice for the detection of Salmonella spp. This device is capable of: (i) concentrating the target microorganisms from human faecal samples, (ii) lysing them and (iii) amplifying the extracted DNA by real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (q-PCR). All the steps are carried out in a single 1.5 mul microchamber in 25 minutes. Unlike previous reported PCR devices, this work describes a membrane valve compatible with the PCR chamber.