Microsystems Engineering Solutions for Inductive Components with High Ampacity

Conference: Smart Systems Integration 2008 - 2nd European Conference & Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems - MOMS, MOEMS, ICS and Electronic Components
04/09/2008 - 04/10/2008 at Barcelona, Spain

Proceedings: Smart Systems Integration 2008

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Kallenbach, Matthias; Mühlke, Christian; Hoffmann, Martin (TU Ilmenau, Dept. of Micromechanical Systems, Germany)

Instead of winding thinner and thinner wires on smaller and smaller cores, miniaturized coils can be fabricated by embossing ceramic ferromagnetic substrates which feature conductive paths. In this way, the cross-section area of the conductor can be extended. By embedding the conductor in a ferromagnetic ceramic material, the inductance can be increased. Electric assemblies with high ampacity and inductance can also be realized. Inductors are often used as passive electric components. Contrarily, active electronic devices - in terms of their functionality - are already widely miniaturized; this state has not been reached so far for the majority of passive electrical components, with the miniaturization of coils being least advanced. Therefore, it is very important to develop strategies for miniaturizing particularly passive electronic components for the use in smart system integration, with important functional parameters being improved and parasitic effects being reduced at the same time.