On-line Tj monitoring sensor embedded on VSI driver board - Application on a 5kW high speed PMSM for aeronautic "blowing-fan"

Conference: PCIM Europe 2014 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management
05/20/2014 - 05/22/2014 at Nürnberg, Deutschland

Proceedings: PCIM Europe 2014

Pages: 8Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Richardeau, F.; Morvan, M.; Mosser, F. (University of Toulouse, Lab. LAPLACE, INP Toulouse – UPS, CNRS, 2 rue Camichel, BP 7122, 31071 Toulouse cedex 07, France)
Rollin, P.; Poignant, S. (Technofan – SAFRAN, 10 place Marcel Dassault, BP 30053 ZAC du Grand Noble, 31702 Blagnac cedex, France)

The on-line thermal monitoring on power device appears to be an interesting issue to manage the safe operating area of converter and to prevent the ageing of the device's packaging. In this paper, authors present the technical design and the laboratory results of an indirect and an on-line Vce0 (Id sense) thermal monitoring applied to one IGBT and included in a PMSM blowing fan VSI. This converter is dedicated to an aeronautic application. An interesting outcome is the integration capability of the proposed sensor as an ASIC and afterward embedded on the driver board as a smart driver approach.