Modulation Technique and Transformer Design for Series-Resonant Converters with Controllable Voltage Gain

Conference: AALE 2018 - 15. Fachkonferenz, Das Forum für Fachleute der Automatisierungstechnik aus Hochschulen und Wirtschaft
03/01/2018 - 03/02/2018 at Köln, Deutschland

Proceedings: AALE 2018

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Nießen, Martin; Dick, Christian Peter (Institute of Automation Engineering, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

The series-resonant converter comprises an input bridge, a series capacitor with capacity C, a transformer showing high mutual inductance and a rectifier. Thus, the transformer can be represented by its leakage inductance L and an ideal transformer with turns ratio r = N1/N2, as depicted in Fig. 1. Input and/or diode output bridge might differ from the depicted version comprising an input full-bridge and an output voltage doubler. This version is preferred in case high output voltages should be generated out of low input voltages.