1,700V IGBT module with newly developed 7th Generation technology

Conference: PCIM Asia 2018 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management
06/26/2018 - 06/28/2018 at Shanghai, China

Proceedings: PCIM Asia 2018

Pages: 6Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Yamamoto, T.; Nagai, D.; Yoshiwatari, S.; Miyashita, S.; Sakurai, Y.; Onozawa, Y.; Ito, T.; Okita, S.; Kobayashi, Y.; Ikawa, O. (Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., Japan)
Li, J.; Chen, S. (Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., China)

This paper describes newly developed 7th Generation 1,700V IGBT module product family for industrial application. The 7th Generation 1,700V IGBT modules have been developed based on concepts of higher power density and higher reliability. To realize the concepts, 7th Generation IGBT module reduces power dissipation through characteristic enhancement of semiconductor chips and significant reduction of thermal resistance by using a newly developed high thermal conductive insulating substrate. Furthermore, by improving the capacity of DeltaTvj power cycle and temperature capability of insulating silicone gel, the module has increased guaranteed continuous operating temperature from conventional 150 °C to 175 °C. With these technical developments, Fuji Electric has achieved a product with maximum rating current of 1,800A using newly developed 7th generation technologies.