HV Power Supply System Concept for Piezoelectric ZNMF Actuators in Aeronautics Applications

Conference: Smart Systems Integration - 13th International Conference & Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems
04/10/2019 - 04/11/2019 at Barcelona, Spain

Proceedings: SmartSystems Integration

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Chardon, Sylvain; Duc, Sylvain; Aigouy, Gerald; Claeyssen, Frank (Cedrat Technologies, Meylan, France)
Schueller, Martin; Gratias, Andre; Schueller, Silvana (TriSiTec UG, Chemnitz, Germany)

Active flow control (AFC) is widely discussed and under investigation in many fields of research and innovation. One actuator solution is so called Synthetic Jet Actuators (SJAs) that generate a positive momentum flux with zero net mass flux. Thus, these actuators have the advantage of not requiring pressurizes air supply. To enable fluidic AFC actuators to be used in AFC systems for different application areas, highly integrated and performant electronic power supply modules are mandatory. The overall system efficiency is of significant importance, as an active flow control system will only be competitive when its benefits on the one hand are not neglected by immense power dissipation on the other hand. In the frame of the EU H2020 project FloCoS, a new integrated flow control actuator driving system taking into account the specific requirements of piezoelectrically driven SJAs is designed and developed. The current paper describes the design approach based on specific requirements and specifications for mass-flux-less piezoelectric flow control actuators. The design is discussed based on the demanding capacitance and frequency behaviour of the actuators that are in a size of real scale applications.