Study of synthesized multi-frequency excitation signal and magnetic induction detection method based on Walsh function

Conference: BIBE 2019 - The Third International Conference on Biological Information and Biomedical Engineering
06/20/2019 - 06/22/2019 at Hangzhou, China

Proceedings: BIBE 2019

Pages: 4Language: englishTyp: PDF

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Ke, Li; Zhang, Kehao; Du, Qiang; Wang, Chenyang (Institute of Biomedical and Electromagnetic Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology, Shenyang, China)

Magnetic induction detection technology is a non-contact and non-invasive electrical impedance detection technology. Multi-frequency synchronous detection can simultaneously obtain the impedance information of the tested object at different frequencies.Firstly, the principle of multi-frequency synchronous excitation-detectionis studied. Five-frequency excitation signal is synthesized based on Walsh function. Secondly, the performance of synthesized multi-frequency detection is analyzed, and a synchronous excitation-detection system is designed.Finally, the experiments of NaCl solution with different conductivity were designed. The results show thatthe measurement results of five main harmonics of synthesized five-frequency excitation signal have good linearity. The average sensitivityis 12.356mv · m/s, and the average conductivity resolution is 7.7 x 10-3s/m, which meets the measurement requirements and provides a multi-frequency synchronous excitation-detection method for magnetic induction signal detection.