Low inductive full ceramic SiC power module for high-temperature automotive applications

Conference: PCIM Europe digital days 2020 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management
07/07/2020 - 07/08/2020 at Deutschland

Proceedings: PCIM Europe digital days 2020

Pages: 8Language: englishTyp: PDF

Klein, Kirill; Raemer, Olaf; Hoene, Eckart (Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany)
Yasuda, Yusuke (Hitachi Metals Europe GmbH, Germany)
Ito, Hiroyuki; Kurita, Fumi; Enoki, Masato; Nakamura, Hideyuki; Okishiro, Kenji (Hitachi Metals Ltd., Japan)

This paper presents a new power module technology suitable for automotive high power and high-temperature applications. SiC MOSFETs are sintered into to the LTCC substrate cavity using silver sintering. The LTCC substrate with semiconductors inside is soldered to Si3N4-AMB. The primary DC link RC-snubber, driver booster, and high current contacts are soldered on the ceramic stack, building an electrical interface to the system PCB. Subsequently, the ceramic stack is covered by a plastic frame, encapsulated with silicone and pressed between the heatsink and the system PCB. The paper shows a base plate free water-cooling concept using a 3D printed aluminum heat sink with an ultra-short thermal path to coolant. The comprehensively designed 3D layout of power and control loops results in oscillation free switching of 160A at 750V DC link voltage with rise-times below 15ns.