Quantification of ANSYS Q3D Extractor for inductive extraction of power modules

Conference: PCIM Europe digital days 2020 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management
07/07/2020 - 07/08/2020 at Deutschland

Proceedings: PCIM Europe digital days 2020

Pages: 4Language: englishTyp: PDF

Sawallich, Florian; Eckel, Hans-Guenter (University of Rostock, Institute for Electrical Power Engineering, Germany)

To ensure high performance of power modules, the parasitic behavior is often estimated by the state-of-the-art software ANSYS Q3D Extractor. Nevertheless, previous papers showed significantly high deviations between Q3D-simulations and impedance analyzer based measurements. However, impedance analyzers tend to lose accuracy for small inductances, and inductive couplings are often not taken into consideration. In this paper, a measurement-setup for self- and mutual inductances of power modules is introduced and compared to simulations using ANSYS Q3D Extractor. As a result, it is shown that the simulative deviation is lower than 15%. Further setup-modification might lead to even higher consistency.