Concepts of Assistant Systems in Distribution Grids

Conference: PESS 2020 - IEEE Power and Energy Student Summit
10/05/2020 - 10/07/2020 at online

Proceedings: PESS 2020 – IEEE Power and Energy Student Summit

Pages: 6Language: englishTyp: PDF

Kircheis, Jan; Brosinsky, Christoph; Song, Xinya; Schlegel, Steffen; Westermann, Dirk (Power Systems Group, Technische Universität Ilmenau, Ilmenau, Germany)

In the course of the last decades, the energy generation has been shifting from the transmission grids to the distribution grids. The perception of a passive, deterministic distribution network with distinctive load character is not valid anymore. Instead, the rise of inverter-based DGs and the volatility of renewable energy sources has led to dynamic and stochastic distribution grids, which are less predictable. A higher degree of automation in daily distribution grid operation is inevitable to cope with the increasing uncertainty and dynamics. In this paper, the notion of assistant systems in the control rooms of power systems is outlined. Further, first drafts of potential assistant systems in distribution grids are given. A case study is conducted to validate one of the presented assistant systems. The results show that assistant systems can possibly increase reliability and therefore the DSO´s revenue.