A Stochastic Model for Age-of-Information Efficiency in ARQ Systems with Energy Harvesting

Conference: European Wireless 2021 - 26th European Wireless Conference
11/10/2021 - 11/12/2021 at Verona, Italy

Proceedings: European Wireless 2021

Pages: 6Language: englishTyp: PDF

Crosara, Laura; Badia, Leonardo (Dept. of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Italy)

We elaborate a stochastic model of an automatic repeat request transmission system exploiting energy harvesting. We consider an information source powered by a rechargeable battery exploiting a renewable energy source that is using retransmission-based error control. For this system, the transmission policy that minimizes the age-of-information associated with correctly delivered packets is investigated, also analyzing when it is more convenient to retransmit a data packet whose previous transmission attempt was unsuccessful or to send a new one instead. The model is implemented and solved as a discrete-time finite state Markov chain. The behavior of this process is studied under different parameters to characterize some general rules for this kind of system.