Cover IEC 63068-2:2019

IEC 63068-2:2019

Semiconductor devices - Non-destructive recognition criteria of defects in silicon carbide homoepitaxial wafer for power devices - Part 2: Test method for defects using optical inspection

Circulation Date: 2019-01
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN - english
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IEC 63068-2:2019(E) provides definitions and guidance in use of optical inspection for detecting as-grown defects in commercially available 4H-SiC (Silicon Carbide) epitaxial wafers. Additionally, this document exemplifies optical images to enable the detection and categorization of the defects for SiC homoepitaxial wafers. This document deals with a non-destructive test method for the defects so that destructive methods such as preferential etching are out of scope in this document.