Cover IEC 61076-3-124:2019

IEC 61076-3-124:2019

Connectors for electrical and electronic equipment - Product requirements – Part 3-124: Rectangular connectors – Detail specification for 10-way, shielded, free and fixed connectors for I/O and data transmission with frequencies up to 500 MHz

Circulation Date: 2019-03
Edition: 1.0
Language: EN-FR - bilingual english/french
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IEC 61076-3-124:2019 covers 10-way, shielded, free and fixed rectangular connectors for data transmission with frequencies up to 500 MHz and specifies the common dimensions, mechanical, electrical and transmission characteristics and environmental requirements as well as test specifications respectively.
Connectors covered in this document are provided in three codings that differ only for the position of the polarization key and keyway, in view of their differently intended use:
Connectors type A and C are intended for 10/100 Mbit/s as well as for 1/ 2,5 / 5 /10 Gbit/s Ethernet communication.
Connectors type B are intended for all other non-Ethernet applications such as signalling, serial or other industrial bus communication systems.
- A-coding: The 45° cut corner used as polarization key and keyway system is located on the lower left corner of the male fixed connector (viewed from mating face) (Figures 5a, 5b).
- B-coding: The 45° cut corner is located on the upper left corner of the male fixed connector (Figures 5c, 5d).
- C-coding: There are two 45° corners located at the upper left and lower left corner (Figures 5e, 5f).
- In this document, the three codings, A, B, and C are designated as “Type A”, “Type B” and “Type C”.
Key words: Rectangular Connectors, 10 Way Shielded, Free and Fixed Connectors, I/O and Data Transmission, Frequencies up to 500 MHz