Cover VDE-AR-E 2055-1 Anwendungsregel:2009-10

VDE-AR-E 2055-1 Anwendungsregel:2009-10

Calculation of the increase in electrical energy efficiency achieved by means of electrical energy regulators taking advantage of the principle of voltage depression

Class/Status: Anwendungsregel, valid
Released: 2009-10
VDE Art. No.: 0090022

Contents (only German)

The VDE guideline applies for electrical consumer installations with a standard supply voltage of Un = (400 V / 230 V) plus/minus 10 % according to DIN IEC 60038. The calculation methods described in the guideline calculate the potential for saving electrical energy to be achieved by the use of an energy regulator for stationary and quasi-stationary conditions. The final enhancement in power efficiency and energy saving is calculated compared to a reference time. The guideline applies only for sinusoidal quantities of the supply voltage at power frequency and for regulators reducing the voltage within the tolerance range of the standard voltage. It applies for TN-, TT- and IT-network systems, but it does not apply for process controlled installations.