Cover DIN EN 62474 VDE 0042-4:2013-05

DIN EN 62474 VDE 0042-4:2013-05

* German Language Version *

Material declaration for products of and for the electrotechnical industry

(IEC 62474:2012); German version EN 62474:2012
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2013-05
VDE Art. No.: 0090039


The electrotechnical industry tracks and declares specific information about the material composition of its products for compliance and environmentally conscious design requirements. The electrotechnical industry needs to gather information about the composition of products and product parts that are purchased from suppliers for incorporation into their products. Currently material declarations are driven by individual product manufacturers specifications and there is no internationally accepted standardization. This results in economic inefficiencies. To simplify requirements across the supply chain and to improve economic efficiencies, it is necessary to standardize the exchange of material composition data and provide requirements for material declarations.
This International Standard benefits the electrotechnical industry by establishing requirements for reporting of substances and materials, standardizing protocols, and facilitating transfer and processing of data.

This Standard is withdrawn and is replaced by the following


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Material declaration for products of and for the electrotechnical industry

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