Cover DIN EN 50574 VDE 0042-11 Berichtigung 1:2015-07

DIN EN 50574 VDE 0042-11 Berichtigung 1:2015-07

Corrigendum to DIN EN 50574 (VDE 0042-11):2013-06; German version EN 50574-1:2012/AC:2014-12

Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2015-07
VDE Art. No.: 0090054

This standard establishes requirements for the transportation, sorting and treatment of household appliances containing volatile fluorocarbons or volatile hydrocarbons after they have been discarded as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).


DIN EN 50625-2-3 VDE 0042-13-23:2018-05

Collection, logistics & treatment requirements for WEEE

Part 2-3: Treatment requirements for temperature exchange equipment and other WEEE containing VFC and/or VHC;

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