Cover DIN IEC/TS 61496-4-2 VDE V 0113-204-2:2015-06

DIN IEC/TS 61496-4-2 VDE V 0113-204-2:2015-06

Safety of machinery – Electro-sensitive protective equipment

Part 4-2: Particular requirements for equipment using vision based protective devices (VBPD) – Additional requirements when using reference pattern techniques (VBPDPP)

(IEC/TS 61496-4-2:2014)
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2015-06
VDE Art. No.: 0100271

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This part of IEC 61496 specifies requirements for the design, construction and testing of electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) designed specifically to detect persons as part of a safety-related system, employing vision-based protective devices (VBPDs) using passive reference patterns (VBPDPP) for the sensing function.
A VBPDPP is defined as consisting of a single image-sensing device viewing on a passive reference pattern as the background and where the detection principle is based on blocking or partially preventing the view of the pattern.

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VDE-Prüfung nach BetrSichV, TRBS und DGUV-Vorschrift 3
Hennig, Wilfried

VDE-Prüfung nach BetrSichV, TRBS und DGUV-Vorschrift 3

Erläuterungen zu DIN VDE 0100-410, DIN VDE 0100-430, DIN VDE 0100-510, DIN VDE 0100-540 und DIN VDE 0100-600, DIN VDE 0105-100/A1, DIN VDE 0701-0702, DIN EN 61557 (VDE 0413), DIN EN 60204-1 (VDE 0113-1), TRBS 1001, TRBS 1111, TRBS 1201, TRBS 1203, DGUV-Vorschrift 3 (BGV A3) sowie zur Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV)
VDE-Schriftenreihe – Normen verständlich, Band 43

2019, 547 pages, Din A5, Broschur

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