Cover DIN EN 50152-3-3 VDE 0115-320-3-3:2016-11

DIN EN 50152-3-3 VDE 0115-320-3-3:2016-11

Railway applications – Fixed installations – Particular requirements for a.c. switchgear

Part 3-3: Measurement, control and protection devices for specific use in a.c. traction systems – Voltage transformers;

German version EN 50152-3-3:2016
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2016-11
VDE Art. No.: 0100348

Contents (only German)

This Standard gives particular requirements for voltage transformers used in a.c. single-phase railway applications, fixed installations.It refers to single-phase inductive voltage transformers for railway applications on 15 kV/16,7 Hz and 25 kV/50 Hz overhead lines, these voltages and frequencies being defined in accordance with EN 50163. The Standard shall also be applied to voltage transformers other than inductive types as far as reasonably possible.