Cover DIN EN 50463-4 VDE 0115-480-4:2018-03

DIN EN 50463-4 VDE 0115-480-4:2018-03

Railway applications – Energy measurement on board trains

Part 4: Communication;

German version EN 50463-4:2017
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2018-03
VDE Art. No.: 0100442

Contents (only German)

This European Standard applies to the on board and on board to ground communication services, i.e. it covers the data communication using digital interfaces:
a) between functions implemented within the EMS;
b) between EMS function and other on board subsystems;
c) between EMS and ground communication services.
The on board data communication services of the EMS are covering the data exchange between functions of the EMS and the data exchange between EMS and other on board units, where data are exchanged using a communications protocol stack over a dedicated physical interface or a shared communication network.
The on board to ground communication services are covering the wireless data communication between the DHS and the on ground server.
Furthermore, this document includes conformity assessment requirements.

This Document is related to the following Topics (in bold):

45.020 Railway engineering in general
45.060 Railway rolling stock
45.140 Metro, tram and light rail equipment

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