Cover DIN IEC/TS 62788-7-2 VDE V 0126-37-7-2:2019-04

DIN IEC/TS 62788-7-2 VDE V 0126-37-7-2:2019-04

Measurement procedures for materials used in photovoltaic modules

Part 7-2: Environmental exposures – Accelerated weathering tests of polymeric materials

(IEC TS 62788-7-2:2017)
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2019-04
VDE Art. No.: 0100512

Contents (only German)

This Technical Specification defines test procedures for indoor weathering PV polymeric materials in consideration of the following uses: Qualification of the UV durability of materials intended for use as insulation to provide protection from hazardous electricity as stipulated in 61730. Characterization of the weatherability of polymeric component materials for qualification/specification, UV weathering testing as a tool to support product development for components or 87 module designs.