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DIN EN 62745/A11 VDE 0113-1-1/A11:2020-12

* German Language Version *

Safety of machinery

Requirements for cableless control systems of machinery;

German version EN 62745:2017/A11:2020
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2020-12
VDE Art. No.: 0100597

This standard specifies requirements for the functionality and interfacing of cableless (for example, radio, infra-red) control systems that provide communication between operator control station(s) and the control system of a machine. Specific requirements are included for such operator control stations that are portable by the operator. This document does not deal with cableless communication between parts of a machine(s) that are not operator control stations. This document is not intended to specify all of the requirements that are necessary for the design and construction of a cableless control system. For example, it does not specify communication protocols, frequency or bandwidth aspects, nor the full range of constructional requirements such as impact resistance, ingress protection, electromagnetic compatibility, etc. The provisions of this document are intended to be applied in addition to the requirements for electrical equipment in the IEC 60204-1. This document is a type-B2 standard as stated in ISO 12100.