Cover DIN EN 50318 VDE 0115-504:2023-03

DIN EN 50318 VDE 0115-504:2023-03

Railway applications

Current collection systems – Validation of simulation of the dynamic interaction between pantograph and overhead contact line;

German version EN 50318:2018 + A1:2022
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2023-03
VDE Art. No.: 0100731

The present EN 50318:2018/A1:2022 contains changes which are to be found throughout the entire body of standards. The amendments also include Annex ZZ in Relationship between this Standard and the Essential Requirements of EU Directive (EU) 2016/797 aimed to be covered and Annex C in Relation to TSI assessment process. In general, this standard applies to the current collection of overhead contact lines with pantographs on rolling stock and specifies functional requirements regarding the verification of simulation methods to ensure mutual acceptance of: - input and output parameters of the simulation; - Comparison with line test measurements and the characteristics of these line tests; - Comparison between different simulation methods; - limits to the use of validated methods for testing pantographs and overhead contact lines.