Cover VDE-AR-E 2122-1000 Anwendungsregel:2023-11

VDE-AR-E 2122-1000 Anwendungsregel:2023-11

Standard interface for charging points/charging stations for connection to local power and energy management

Class/Status: Anwendungsregel, valid
Released: 2023-11
VDE Art. No.: 0100773

This VDE Application guide specifies the minimum requirements for communication between a charging system with one or more charging points for electric road vehicles and local energy management behind a grid connection point, taking into account the requirements of the grid side (e.g. FNN). It contains the necessary information for energy management. In the future, bidirectional charging will also be dealt with, taking into account the results of the DKE adhoc AK 353.0.401. This VDE Application guide covers part of the identified standardization needs (LIL) of the priority roadmap Intelligent Load Management of the National Platform Future of Mobility (NPM), which was developed in the DKE adhoc AK 353.0.104.
This VDE Application guide focuses exclusively on the communication between the local EMS and the charging station, but does not define any necessary requirements for electrical safety that are required for proper use.
This VDE Application guide is agnostic to other communication standard series and established industry standards in the field of electric road vehicles, such as IEC 61851, ISO 15118, or OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1 or IEC 63110.
For this VDE Application guide, an initial prioritization of user stories and use cases has been done. The highest prioritized cases are described in this edition; others will follow in later editions.