Cover DIN V VDE V 0108-100 VDE V 0108-100:2010-08

DIN V VDE V 0108-100 VDE V 0108-100:2010-08

Emergency escape lighting systems

Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2010-08
VDE Art. No.: 0108012

This prestandard specifies the provision of illumination of escape routes and safety signs in the event of failure of the normal supply, and specifies the minimum provision of such emergency lighting based on the size, type and usage of the premises. This prestandard relates to the provision of electric emergency escape lighting in all work places and premises open to the public.
This prestandard presents the possible further development of EN 50172:2004 as desired by Germany. This prestandard can be a basis for contracting parties.


DIN VDE V 0108-100-1 VDE V 0108-100-1:2018-12

Emergency escape lighting systems

Part 100-1: Proposals for complementary requirements for EN 50172:2004

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