Cover DIN CLC/TS 61496-3 VDE V 0113-203:2009-08

DIN CLC/TS 61496-3 VDE V 0113-203:2009-08

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Safety of machinery – Electro-sensitive protective equipment

Part 3: Particular requirements for Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices responsive to Diffuse Reflection (AOPDDR)

(IEC 61496-3:2008); German version CLC/TS 61496-3:2008
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2009-08
VDE Art. No.: 0113027


This part of IEC 61496 specifies additional requirements for the design, construction and testing of non-contact electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) designed specifically to detect persons as part of a safety related system, employing active opto-electronic protective devices responsive to diffuse reflection (AOPDDRs) for the sensing function.

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