Cover DIN EN 61400-21 VDE 0127-21:2009-06

DIN EN 61400-21 VDE 0127-21:2009-06

Wind turbines

Part 21: Measurement and assessment of power quality characteristics of grid connected wind turbines

(IEC 61400-21:2008); German version EN 61400-21:2008
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2009-06
VDE Art. No.: 0127016

This part of IEC 61400 includes: definition and specification of the quantities to be determined for characterizing the power quality of a grid connected wind turbine; measurement procedures for quantifying the characteristics; procedures for assessing compliance with power quality requirements, including estimation of the power quality expected from the wind turbine type when deployed at a specific site, possibly in groups.


DIN EN IEC 61400-21-1 VDE 0127-21-1:2020-08

Wind energy generation systems

Part 21-1: Measurement and assessment of electrical characteristics – Wind turbines

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