Cover DIN EN 50164-4 VDE 0185-204:2009-03

DIN EN 50164-4 VDE 0185-204:2009-03

Lightning Protection Components (LPC)

Part 4: Requirements for conductor fasteners;

German version EN 50164-4:2008
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2009-03
VDE Art. No.: 0185036

This European standard specifies requirements and tests for metallic and non-metallic conductor fasteners that are used in conjunction with the air termination system and down conductors. Ffxing of fasteners to the fabric / membrane / gravel roofing of structures is not covered by this standard due to the vast number and types used in modern day construction.
LPC may also be suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres. Regard should then be taken of the extra requirements necessary for the components to be installed in such conditions.


DIN EN 62561-4 VDE 0185-561-4:2012-01

Lightning protection system components (LPSC)

Part 4: Requirements for conductor fasteners

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