Cover DIN EN 50341-2-4 VDE 0210-2-4:2016-04

DIN EN 50341-2-4 VDE 0210-2-4:2016-04

* German Language Version *

Overhead electrical lines exceeding AC 1 kV

Part 2-4: National Normative Aspects (NNA) for Germany (based on EN 50341-1:2012);

German version EN 50341-2-4:2016
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2016-04
VDE Art. No.: 0200019


This standard applies to planning and design of new overhead lines with nominal voltages exceeding AC 1 kV. This standard is applicable also for plastic covered conductors in Germany. In Germany this standard is applicable for all types of conductors which contain telecommunication components. This standard is applicable for the installation of telecommunication equipment on supports in Germany.