Cover VDE-AR-N 4210-6 Anwendungsregel:2022-06

VDE-AR-N 4210-6 Anwendungsregel:2022-06

Operation of agricultural irrigation systems near overhead power lines

Class/Status: Anwendungsregel, valid
Released: 2022-06
VDE Art. No.: 0200064

Irrigation systems are often used in agriculture. The liquid used for irrigation (e.g. water) is distributed in an arc over the area to be irrigated. Depending on parameters such as sprinkler flow, liquid pressure, nozzle opening and discharge angle, the liquid can reach heights at which conductors of medium, high or extra-high voltage overhead lines can be located. The question arises as to what minimum distances must be maintained between the nozzle of a sprinkler system and the conductors of an overhead line during irrigation, in particular when the liquid from the sprinkler system hits the conductors of the overhead line, in order to ensure hazard-free operation.
DIN VDE 0105-115 (VDE 0105-115) (Operation of electrical installations - Special requirements for agricultural premises) does not list the necessary distances between nozzles of irrigation systems and conductors of overhead lines. Section 7.4 specifies the following for the use of sprinkler systems: "If sprinkler systems for water and slurry or other spraying systems, e.g. for pest control, are operated in the vicinity of overhead lines, safety distances between the nozzle and the overhead line must be maintained. These must be requested from the operator of the overhead line."
In order to be able to provide appropriate information on corresponding enquiries (e.g. from farmers), the present application rule specifies the necessary distances between agricultural irrigation systems and overhead lines with nominal voltages above AC 1 kV. In addition, a procedure is described with which the necessary ground clearances of conductors of overhead lines can be calculated in such a way that the clearances between agricultural irrigation systems and overhead lines are maintained. This VDE application rule assumes that water is used for irrigation.
Furthermore, DIN EN 908 deals with possible electrical hazards of irrigation machines. To avoid these hazards, the VDE application guide can be used.