Cover DIN EN 50525-3-21 VDE 0285-525-3-21:2012-01

DIN EN 50525-3-21 VDE 0285-525-3-21:2012-01

Electric cables – Low voltage energy cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750 V (U0/U)

Part 3-21: Cables with special fire performance – Flexible cables with halogen-free crosslinked insulation, and low emission of smoke;

German version EN 50525-3-21:2011
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2012-01
VDE Art. No.: 0285015

Contents (only German)

This European Standard applies to flexible cables, insulated and sheathed with halogen-free crosslinked compound and having low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when exposed to fire. The cables are of rated voltage U0/U 450/750 . The cables are intended for the connection of equipment and machinery to the fixed supply. The maximum conductor operating temperature for each of the cables in this standard is 90 °C.

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Baustellen-Fibel der Elektroinstallation
Cichowski, Rolf Rüdiger

Baustellen-Fibel der Elektroinstallation

Elektrische Anlagen und Betriebsmittel auf Baustellen; Erläuterungen zu DIN VDE 0100-410:2018-10, DIN VDE 0100-704:2018-10, DIN EN 61439-4 (VDE 0660-600-4):2013-09, DGUV-Information 203-006 sowie weiteren Normen und Unfallverhütungsvorschriften (UVV)
VDE-Schriftenreihe – Normen verständlich, Band 142

2019, 248 pages, Din A5, Broschur

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