Cover DIN EN 61340-4-4 VDE 0300-4-4:2012-09

DIN EN 61340-4-4 VDE 0300-4-4:2012-09

* German Language Version *


Part 4-4: Standard test methods for specific applications – Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)

(IEC 61340-4-4:2012); German version EN 61340-4-4:2012
Class/Status: Standard, withdrawn
Released: 2012-09
VDE Art. No.: 0300016


This part of IEC 61340 specifies requirements for flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) between 0,25 m3 and 3 m3 in volume, intended for use in hazardous explosive atmospheres. The explosive atmosphere may be created by the contents in the FIBC or may exist outside the FIBC.