Cover DIN EN 61788-4 VDE 0390-4:2017-01

DIN EN 61788-4 VDE 0390-4:2017-01

* German Language Version *


Part 4: Residual resistance ratio measurement – Residual resistance ratio of Nb-Ti and Nb3Sn composite superconductors

(IEC 61788-4:2016); German version EN 61788-4:2016
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2017-01
VDE Art. No.: 0300076


This part of IEC 61788 covers a test method for the determination of the residual resistance ratio (RRR) 21 of Nb-Ti composite superconductors with Cu, Cu-Ni,Cu/Cu-Ni and Al matrix and Nb3Sn composite 22 superconductors.
This method is intended for use with superconductor specimens that have a 23 monolithic structure with rectangular or round cross-section, RRR less than 350, and cross-sectional 24 area less than 3 mm2. In the case of Nb3Sn, the specimens have received a reaction heat-treatment.