Cover DIN EN IEC 61788-23 VDE 0390-23:2019-08

DIN EN IEC 61788-23 VDE 0390-23:2019-08


Part 23: Residual resistance ratio measurement – Residual resistance ratio of Nb superconductors

(IEC 61788-23:2018); German version EN IEC 61788-23:2018
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2019-08
VDE Art. No.: 0300115

Contents (only German)

The following document addresses a test method for the determination of the residual resistance ratio (RRR), rRRR, of cavity-grade niobium. This method is intended for high-purity niobium with 30 rRRR. The test method should be valid for specimens with rectangular or round cross-section, cross-sectional area greater than 1 square millimeter but less than 20 square millimeter, and a length not less than 10 times the width or diameter.